Craze Agency Resume Format

                                                                                                                                                Craze Agency


                                                                                                                                                      801-438-0067 Utah

                                                                                                                                                              702-530-9176 Nevada

                                                                                                                                                          208-433-9511 Idaho 




                                                                                          (If SAG put here if not leave blank)

 Height:                                   Weight:                                     Hair:                                        Eyes:                                D.O.B. (if under 18)     


High School Musical 3                                               Brainiac Dancer                                                 Director  Peter Barsocchini

Saving Sarah Caine                                                   Amanda                                                              Director Michael Landon Jr.


Everwood (recurring)                                               Brittany Clark                                                   Director David Paymer

Touched By An Angel                                                 Nurse Kelly                                                         Director Bob Fosse

Commercials (if none or more than 5 put  ”available upon request”)

 Ford                                                                           Driver                                                               Jackson Ad Agency


Mame                                                                         Mame Dennis                                                     Boise Little Theatre

Little Shop Of Horrors                                               Wanda Hope                                                    Pioneer Memorial Theatre

Training  (Who, what, where. Don’t repeat coaches name)

Catrine McGregor CSA                                               Auditions                                                           North Carolina

Mike Fenton CSA                                                         Cold Reading                                                     L.A.

Troy Lee                                                                      Film and T.V. Acting                                         Idaho


Extra Work (Only list if you have not had many speaking roles, do not put extra work as acting ever!!!)

Entourage                                                                    Dance Club Patron                                            H.B.O.

Special Skills                           

Sky Diving                                                                    Snow Skiing                                                       Tennis

Vocal                                                                             Golf                                                                   Salsa Dancing

 List in column form. No sentence structure.  Condense to one page only.  When you save the file on your computer save it using your First and last full name. Only list things you are really good at in special skills section. If you have not had experience in a category leave that section completely off. Use the correct size font that will fill up the whole paper except your name, it should be in 28 to 44 font and the Craze agency info. should be in 8 font. Your agent must review your resume. If approved make 10 copies. 3 for Craze, the rest for you. Every time you do a new project update your resume and get us 3 copies. If we do not have updated resumes we cannot promote you. Always take a headshot and resume stapled back to back on every audition even if it is at the agency, or you have auditioned for the client before, including callbacks.









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