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How To Get Hired By Paying Clients When Seeking Modeling Jobs In the competitive landscape of acting and modeling,

it can be difficult to get your break. Here are some of the most important tips that clients look for when booking talent for paid speaking roles or modeling assignments Make a good first impression. Often they have to make a hiring decision within 30 to 60 seconds. If they cast you and they have not worked with you before they are taking an educated risk.

A good impression is made by being early, prepared, looking like a professional and having amazing charisma! Think quickly. Can you think quick on your feet? Sign of an experienced professional. Can you make the adjustments they ask for? Provide financial value. Are you worth the money they are paying? If the client is going to pay a rate of $400-$1500 a day, you must show them you are worth it. They have to account for every dollar spent.

Be original. When auditioning many models or actors, it becomes difficult to differentiate between each talent. You need to make a creative statement and lasting ion within the context of the project. Experience. Does your portfolio or resume show you have worked and trained successfully in the past? Polish. The talent must be polished and confident enough to do the job with little or no direction if needed. Prepare for discomfort. Be prepared to be uncomfortable. It is natural not to feel natural. (That is why it is important to constantly be practicing and training).

Go to every audition that you fit the profile of, even if it is a lower or non-paying project. The acting/model business is all about networking and exposure. Practice patience. Ability takes time. Be patient with yourself and your agent. Keep your sides after every acting audition: sometimes it can take weeks to get a callback. Keep a journal and detailed notes on all of your auditions. Track what happened, how you did, things that worked and things you need work on. By doing this, you will be able to keep track of your strengths, weaknesses, as well as people you meet, which is important for networking. Track your bookings.

When you book a job, always make a note on what the project was, what part you played and who the production company, casting director or client was. Update your resume and make copies for your agent and yourself. That may land you your next job.Pay you agents commission as soon as possible. Agents are professionals, and they really do notice who pays quickly; if they understand you are also professional they will be more likely to send you out more often. Remain positive. Don't get discouraged. That is why most actors and models are unsuccessful! Surround yourself with positive people who are also in the industry or support you in your passion. It takes the right kind of mental approach and dedication to achieve results in such a competitive field.

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When you book a project!

We continually notice that talent periodically does not show to their scheduled auditions and even to bookings. There is no excuse for this and it will not be tolerated. Any talent found not attending their auditions or bookings after either verbally confirming or confirming through a confirmation email, will be removed from the active Craze Agency Database and will not be sent out on any more projects.

We pride ourselves as the top Booking Agency in the Intermountain area that provides our clients with reliable and professional Actors, Models, and Extras for their projects. When people are flaky it reflects badly on you but worse it reflects badly on us and our ability to manage and provide quality talent. This is a business. The Craze staff is committed to excellence and providing the best possible service. We need the talent we represent and market to do the same. As with anything in our Agency, you are not required to attend any audition or booking.

This goes for acting and modeling classes. Any opportunity we offer you is there to help you and benefit you in becoming more successful in this business and to make money! This is why we send you emails and post opportunities on our casting site so that you can make a decision on your own if you would like to commit to that job. Once you commit, you 100% must follow through. We understand that emergencies happen and even after you commit, you cannot attend. If this happens, we will need documentation as to the reason you missed your booking or audition. If you cannot provide this, we will not continue to promote you.

Advice for Parents with Kids!

Many parents would love to have the child become a model or actor. These are key things that a successful agent from Craze Agency recommends that will help you know have a great interview with a professional agent.

1. What is the most important trait you look for in child actors? The ability to be relaxed, comfortable, disciplined and natural in front of virtual strangers is a hard quality to find. Clients want kids to be real kids not seem like they were forced or coached.

2. What would be the ideal attire for children to wear to an audition? An interview? Simple age appropriate clothing not to casual but also not overly dressy for both an audition and an interview. No hats or makeup. We want to see what they naturally look like.

3. Upon first impression, what might immediately deter you as an agent from selecting a child? Pushy parents that answer the questions for the child, kids that cannot sit still very long or have a hard time taking direction. Parents who have unrealistic expectations

4. What would you say are the perks of a small boutique agency vs. a large company? Though we have agencies in Utah, Nevada and Idaho and work primarily in the Intermountain region we also find work in many surrounding markets. Because we are not in a top ten populated market we find work in many areas. Commercial print modeling, Lifestyle print modeling, a little bit of High Fashion modeling, Small budget and Feature films, Commercials, Website spoke persons, Brand Ambassadors and trade show modeling. In order to provide clients with appropriate talent, we represent quite a few people that just do this part time and not as a career. We also assist talent in getting larger market representation once they are qualified and ready. I have found that successful agencies in smaller markets cannot specialize as much as most of the larger market agencies.

5. As an out-of-L.A. agent, what would you advise other out-of-L.A.parents and child actors to do to gain exposure? Get a reputable agent in your market. It is too hard for an individual to get their foot in the door with most paying clients. Many agencies in smaller markets also rely on training the models and actors for income. This is not always bad but if you want your child also promoted properly, you have to be extra careful because they may make the majority of their income training the talent. Do not worry too much at first about spending a ton of time finding national work for your child. Try to develop their skill level and resume with local jobs. If they want to be an actor research the best film and commercial acting instructors. In our market most theatre jobs are low or non-paying so we spend our time with film, TV and commercials. Make sure your child’s head shot and resume are of industry standard quality. Then mail them with a brief cover letter to every ad agency, commercial photographer and casting director in your market. Also it is all about networking so at first do low budget or free projects just to get out there and create visibility and experience.

6. What is one important thing you feel a parent can do to benefit their child to become more successful in the industry? Or what not to do? Encourage the child but never force them to be in the industry. Educate them on the good and bad points and be realistic. Usually there is not as much consistent work for kids until they get a little older.

7. At what point would you advise to parents choose to move to L.A.? Is it imperative? For acting once the child is one of the most booked children in your State, which is a very small percentage. Also if they can be SAG eligible and have 2-3 years of really good experience on their resume. For modeling I would say they probably would also need to be a pretty good actor because there are a ton of cute kids already living in L.A. so they need to be able to do both well to catch the eye of the better child agencies. They should also have some tear sheets of work they have done for companies. Over the years I have had a number of really good actors and models jump too quickly to L.A., even though they were making some good income in our market and developing a nice track record with the local casting directors and ad agencies. Though I counseled them to first further develop their acting skills or modeling portfolio with tear sheets etc. they would listen to many so called industry people advising them they are L.A. ready now. Most of the time they go before they are really ready and end getting discouraged and they just quit the business. For many actors or models L.A. or New York should be the goal, but just make sure you give yourself the very best chance possible to succeed!

8. How did you get started in the entertainment industry? I had a high school friend who managed an agency offer me a new faces recruiting agent position even though I had little experience in the Modeling and Acting world other than doing many trade show spokesperson jobs for various companies. After about a year of working for this agency I realized there were better ways to promote and recruit the talent, so I worked hard and opened up my own agency and have now been promoting talent for about 25 years.

9. What is the most important lesson you have learned working in entertainment outside of Hollywood? I have had to be extremely diversified to grow and succeed. Sometimes there are a ton of movies all going on or commercials or print jobs and other times almost nothing. We are usually busy all the time because we have such a diverse section of talent that we can find opportunities daily. Also sometimes smaller market agents are just as smart and savvy as major market agents. They have to be just to survive. 10. Why are you passionate about your agency and/or being an agent? I have a fantastic team at the Craze Agency that has worked together for years. It really gives me pleasure when I see one of our talents careers begin to flourish. I also love the fact that over the years we have assisted thousands of people in achieving some of their dreams in the entertainment industry.


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