Auditions this Wednesday and Saturday evening 7:00-9:00 pm, March 5 and 8.

Location: 3255 W 7675 South, West Jordan Utah.

This is for a televison program. We'll be doing two or three episodes on spec to see if the money people like what we can do. If they do, it will become a paying gig, details which will be negotiated at the time. The first trial episodes will be nonpaying.

It's a half-hour show of discussion on a topic, something like The View mixed with The Daily Show mixed with The McLaughlin Group. A topic will be chosen for each episode, the host will introduce it in the first segment, discussion will take place among the host and four others in the second, and each person will offer a conclusion in the third.

We're looking for all ages, both sexes, all points of view, people who are articulate and knowledgable about issues and events, and people who are engaging on camera. We are not looking for only "beautiful" people.

But we are absolutely looking for people who are reliable and who can discuss controversial topics in a respectful and mature manner. We're not interest in a shoutfest.

Auditions will be an interview and a mock discussion with several other auditioners. We're looking for a host and more than four people to be on the discussion team so we can mix the group up and allow for conflicts of schedule. To book a time
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Let us know if cast thanks!