PROJECT: Commercials for Mormon Channel

Need ethnicity in every category. LDS Talent but do not need to be temple worthy. (Open to non-LDS talent as well, but first preference is LDS). Must be able to express emotions with facial expressions - believable and not overly dramatic.
  1. Business Dad with child: Male 35-45; Boys/Girls ages 5-8
  2. Mother / Daughter fighting: Female 35-45 and Teenage girl 14-18
  3. Introvert: Male 20-24, Female 20-24, plus 10 extras as party goers (Fee for extras will be $75 inclusive)
  4. Service: Teenage Boy 14-18, Elderly Female and Male 70+
  5. Mourning: Girl 18-22 plus 6 extras 18-22 Male and Female (Fee for extras will be $75 inclusive)
  6. Mother vs XBox: Mom 28-35, Boy 7-10

AUDITIONS: TBD - Next week Dec 2-5

FILMING: Dec 11 and 12 in Salt Lake
PAY: Leads - $350 buy out in perpetuity in all mediums -Extras $75
If you are interested email us at
5-Put T M Channel

We will submit thanks!