What: Auditions for The Golden Cord -- spec book trailer
We are currently looking to fill 3 Male roles, 3 female, and 1 child. **Two of our male roles are dwarves, don't let height description discourage you from auditioning. We are much in need of extras as well. 
When: Tuesday, March 25
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Where: TBD - most likely Utah County
PRODUCTION DATES:  May 23, 24, 30, 31 (Last 2 weekends of May). The production will be a 3-day shoot with the 31st as a contingency day. Please be sure your schedule is open all production days as well as fitting days.
There will be 2 mandatory wardrobe fittings for the characters--1 to gather initial measurements and the second to fit and make refinements.  The first fitting day will only take an hour or two, sometime between the dates of March 29th and April 5th.  May 3rd will be the wardrobe refinement day which will likely take half a day. Times are yet to be determined.

Drake  200/day
Bellor 200/day
Thor 200/day
Jaena (half day) 150
Liana (half day) 150
Mae (half day-featured extra) 100
Neven (half day featured extra) 100

DRAKE (Male)--Early 20s. 6' and athletic. Drake is the protector of his village. He is keen, agile, and fiercely loyal to his moral beliefs. The crossbow is his weapon of choice as a hunter, and he has 2 bull-mastiffs that accompany him. He has spent his entire life in his village, which means that he knows the land and its dangers extremely well.

BELLOR (Male)--50s or 60s. 5' 2". Bellor is a war priest in a dwarf clan.  He has brown hair that is peppered with grey. He has extensive experience and knowledge, always thinks before he acts. He is civil, well mannered, but still dangerous. Having fought in many wars, he knows how to engage in battle.

THOR (Male)--30s to 40s. 5' 2". Apprentice to Bellor. Thor is strong, forward, and loyal, yet very temperamental and the first to draw blood. He has dark brown hair and a beard. He wields a hammer and shield. Carries himself with confidence in everything he does.

JAENNA (Female)--Early 20s. Long blonde hair preferred. B

eautiful in youth and wise in learning. Jaenna is empathetic, caring, and spiritual. She loves Drake and has been patient with him as she helps him heal emotionally from his guilt. She cares for the children in their village and is under apprenticeship to become a spiritual leader in healing and visions.

LIANA (Female)--40s. Blonde. Liana is the mother of Jaena and head priestess of the village. She is calm, caring, and

intelligent but stands her ground.

MAE (Female)--Mid to late 20s. Villager. Mother of Neven.

NEVEN (Young Male)--4-6. Young son of Mae.

If you are interested in auditioning or for extras being submitted email us at crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com
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Thank you!