I am looking for 2 or 3 talent to participate in filming a research project at University of Utah, sponsored by Triple A Foundation, on Dec. 9th, possible 10th.  It is not an acting gig, but we are looking for a 30 yr. old and 55 yr. old persons to take part in a real life driving study, be comfortable on camera, and available for the day of filming.  Participants will drive while interacting with voice activated dashboard technologies, along a pre determined course, and respond to a light alert task.

The footage will be used to exemplify the study already underway.  Our crews are not filming the actual study because of the distraction to the results it could have.

1 - 30s range.  male or female.  sharp looking.  successful business or hard working blue collar type.
1 - 55-65 range.  male or female.  sharp, healthy, mature.  Positive.  happily retired.

on the whole, diversity is good, being an extrovert, expressive and chatty type, willing to try a new thing.  We are hiring for their real selves, not as actors.   Being extroverts and comfortable on camera to take some directions will be helpful.  We may stage a scenario that really happened in the actual study.  Such as… a driver ran over an orange cone while trying to voice command a new car to change a radio station.
Pay is $200 per day!

If interested and available email us at crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com
4-Put Triple A in email header

We will submit thanks!