My name is Ivan Ward and I’m a senior in the University of Utah’s film and media arts program.  For my senior thesis project, I’ve chosen to write and direct a short narrative film following a high school aged boy named Joey, who is sent to “reparative” therapy by his parents after they find out he is gay.  This is a trying experience but ultimately proves that his identity is the most authentic and honest out of all the characters.

This project is already well underway and we are approaching our last filming weekend this Saturday and Sunday.  Circumstances have become such that I’m still looking for two males age 17-20 to play the role of Joey’s boyfriend and also an extra that is in one scene.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you might have any talent that would be interested in filling either of these roles.  Both roles do not have any dialogue, so it should be pretty straight forward for anyone interested.  As this is a student production, I cannot offer any formal monetary compensation for this project.  However I can offer the following:

  • An on set photographer to help build portfolio shots
  • A copy of the completed film on Blu-Ray or DVD
  • Experience working with a talented crew, many of which are industry professionals
  • We are shooting an a RED Epic, along with a full lighting and sound array
  • This film will be entered into numerous film festivals nationwide

I understand that there isn’t much time between now and Saturday, however I wanted to ask if you had anyone that would be willing and able to be a part of this project.  We have had a great experience so far and I’m certain that this weekend will be no different.  

Again, the needed characters are:

  • Liam, the main character’s boyfriend.  (17-20 year old caucasian male, younger looking, slim to athletic build)
  • Robert, a boy who walks down a sidewalk with his girlfriend.  (17-20 year old male, slim to athletic build)

-The shoots for Liam would be Saturday (March 29th) in the morning and Sunday (March 30th) in the afternoon.
-The shoot for Robert would be Sunday (March 30th) in the morning.

If there is any way you could forward this information on to any talent that would fit these roles and be interested, I would greatly appreciate it!  This would be a great opportunity to gain experience!

Thank you very much!

Warm regards, please email