We need your help to finish our SLCC Student Film Project 
We have cast our speaking roles and now need some more actors for our "Shadow Dwellers" and "Bikini Girls".
We will be shooting on the 19th, 22nd, 24th, 26th and 31st. for the Shadow Dwellers and on the 16th for the Bikini Girls.

Story synopsis: 
Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers is a comedy/horror film telling the story of Steve Burrows, an average guy working for a major corporation. One day, when daydreaming causes Steve to get off the elevator on the wrong floor, he stumbles across a bloodthirsty Satanic cult of “Shadow Dwellers” performing human sacrifices in his workplace.
BIKINI GIRLS (8-10) – female, 18-25. 
Very attractive, must look good in a bikini and be comfortable appearing in one.
  MEN: 20 and up. Big, imposing guys are great, and some that are muscular and can appear shirtless. Shaved heads are a big plus. Tattoos and piercings also good. 
  WOMEN: 20 and up. We need at least a few that are physically fit and can look good in a sarong. Tattoos are a plus, and shaved heads when we can get them is a bonus.

Copy and credits will be given and the final film will be submitted to appropriate festivals with IMDB recognition. Sorry, no pay..

Submit by email to casting@db-digitaldesign.com with your name, headshot, and resume. A reply e-mail with instruction will be sent including place and what is needed.

We thank you for your support of local student filmmakers.

This is all the info. Craze has. let us know if you arer cast