Actresses needed for UVU Student film (Orem)

compensation: no pay
I am a student filmmaker and am filming a student film about a dying girl who has a conversation with death. I need 2 actresses to play my main character and her mother. We are holding auditions Monday October 27 from 4-6 pm in the UVU library, LI 315. Also, our filming dates are November 2 (full day) and November 6 (half day). Unfortunately, we are unable to pay any talent, but it is a great opportunity for any actresses in gaining material for their talent reel. Its all pretty short notice, but we would love for anyone to come try out and be in our film! Here are the cast breakdowns:

Elizabeth- Female, any ethnicity, age 16-22. Energetic and talkative, but with an underlying maturity. Will be sickly and weak, while still portraying strength and liveliness.

Mom- Female, any ethnicity, age 30's-40s. Comforting and nurturing but weary from taking care of her dying daughter.There will be an emotional scene, ability to cry on cue is a plus, but not necessary.

If interested please email to with:
-a short list of any experience or skills 
-if there is a specific time you would like to come in between those hours
-a couple photos of yourself 
We welcome any walk-ins that night as well.