I am producing a short film that tells the apocryphal story of the birth of Abraham. We have three shooting days planned. We are looking for unpaid positions

We are looking for four female speaking parts and five male speaking parts. Dark hair and eyes are preferred but not required.

Please send headshot and resume to keepersuniverse@gmail.com you will be sent a copy of the script and notified of audition locations.

Auditions will take place in January 2015, as this is a period piece cast will be determined early so costumes can be made.

This is a non-paid film; you will receive credit, a copy of the final film, and meals on set.
Amsalai – Female 16-25 Film 2 days
Terah – Male 20-30 Film 1 1/2 days
Nimrod – Male 40-60 film 1 day
Elisheba - Female 25-50 Film 1 1/2 days
Tahpenes – Female 16-25 Film 1 day
Hamurabi – Male 30-60 Film 1 day
Mahonri – Male 20-35 Film ½ day
Midwife – Female 40-70 Film ½ day
Astrologer – Male 20-50 film 1 day

Please let them know you are with Craze!