We are casting for a short film to be shot in the west desert on August 25th. The short film is an original screen play by Aaron Stephenson, who is also directing the film. We are in need of five roles. We prefer experienced actors but are open to new comers who'd like the opportunity.

Each role will be compensated for gas and will be provided meals. The shoot will be that entire day, and there will also be 1-2 rehearsals, and costume fittings, prior to filming.

The auditions are Saturday, July 21st 2012, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. They will be held at 165 South West Temple, 4th floor. Salt Lake City UT. Once there we will have signs posted on where to go. The office is above Benihanas restaurant. Please email your preferred audition time with a resume and head-shot to

to schedule an audition, at which time we will email you back a confirmation for your audition. If you don't have
head-shots etc. please come audition anyway, we are open to newcomers. Any questions please feel free to email.

The Dark Rider
By Aaron Stephenson

A lone rider makes his way through the desert in hopes to bring death to the bandits responsible for his brothers demise. Will vengeance be his or will he suffer the same fate as his brother?

Character Descriptions

Guillermo 20-30.

Latin male, preferably Mexican decent. Short scruffy, he is sent to assassinate the main character, where he has a tangle with one tough hombre! Prefer someone who can say some phrases in Spanish, you must be animated and physical for this roll.

Lial: Antagonist 35-55.

Tall male Caucasian with an slender build. Lial is a Southern veteran of the Civil War. He is far past his prime but makes up for it in his cunning and skill with his pistol. He is ruthless yet gentlemanly. He also has an extremely volatile temper. He is the leader of the bandits and is a hired gun for a wealthy land barren.

Indian Shaman 20-65.

Male, must be of Native American decent, preferably Navajo, who can speak some phrases of the language. This is a small roll but a key one, you set the main character off on his journey. You guard the pass through your tribes burial grounds, you are spiritual and yet have a hearty sense of humor.

William 15-25.

Male Caucasian who must look young in his face. Slender built you are the ghost and younger brother of the main character, you visit him in warning of the dangers ahead. A small roll but a key one.

Quinton: Lead Roll

25-35. Male Caucasian who is tall, slender and scruffy. He is the strong silent type, he has lots of one liners but the actor must be able to convey emotion through their face and body language. He is rugged and tough, and out for blood! You will be riding a horse and firing a pistol, so please be comfortable with both!

In your email, include which roll you are interested in and we will send you some lines from the scene we'd like you to come ready with. Thank you!
Let Craze know if you are cast thanks!