The project is a student capstone short film, entitled That Old Familiar Spirit. Here's the info:

Casting Call:
That Old Familiar Spirit
a frontier ghost story


Woman (late 20's to 30's)
Must look 30. a world-worn, independent woman who isn't afraid to work hard and get dirty in order to do what has to be done.

Man (30's to 40's)
The woman's looming, intimidating husband. He may be dead, but that isn't going to keep him away.

Sheriff (50's to 60's)
An honest lawman concerned for the woman's safety. Almost fatehrly, he's just as world-worn as she is.

Two male extras
Grave diggers.

Compensation based on experience.(Craze will negotiate if booked!)

Audition Information:
Feb 4-5

Feb 6-7
Salt Lake City
Time TBD
If you are interested email us at
5-Which location you would like to audition?
6-Put Spirit in email header

We will submit thanks!