Project Title: Book of Wishes
A Mirror Films Independent Feature Film Production
When: Thursday, January 22, 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Where: SLC
240 East Morris Ave, Room #415, Salt Lake City, UT, 84115
Director Christian Vuissa (Silent Night, The Letter Writer, One Good Man, The Errand of Angels,
Baptists at Our Barbecue) is casting for his new feature film Book of Wishes. Production will be
from March 16 to April 4, 2015, in the Provo/SLC area. Pay according to role and experience.
This will be a Ultra Low SAG production. Book of Wishes will have a limited theatrical release
and will be available on DVD, Netflix, and TV/cable.
The following roles and characters will be auditioned:
Sarah Walters: female, 25-30 yrs. old, trendy, lives and eats healthy
Mark Stewart: male, 25-35 yrs. old, laid-back and easygoing, good sense of humor
John Walters: male, 50ish, Sarah’s father, local pastor, good-natured, loves hunting
Francis Walters: female, 45 to early 50s, Sarah’s mother, very religious, busybody
Rachel Walters, female, 8-12 yrs. old, Sarah’s niece, cute and friendly
Benjamin Walters, male, 6-9 yrs. old, Sarah’s nephew, cute and rambunctious
Old Lady: female, 70s-80s, friendly, generous, warm-hearted, with lots of character
Old Man, male, 70s-80s, friendly, wise, giving, strong character
Sarah Walters is a trendy young woman in her twenties who lives in Los Angeles and writes for
a popular health blog. When her boyfriend Mark proposes to her, she is forced to introduce him
to her overly religious parents in rural Idaho. During a Thanksgiving visit, her new world clashes
with her past. Daily prayer and scripture study, blessings on the food, as well as extensive talk
of God, make her clearly uncomfortable. While going through old keepsakes, she finds a little
book of wishes she kept as a little girl and slowly realizes that all of her wishes came true. In the
process, Sarah rediscovers the faith of her inner child and reconnects with her past. Until she
reaches the last entry in her little book and is suddenly faced with a painful memory. Can she
make peace with a tragic event buried in the past and realize her full identity by letting God back
into her life?

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