Music Video for the Music Artist: Sala

3 days of filming at the end of January. Most Likely the last weekend.

Looking for:
1 Male Lead. Age 21-30. No dialogue. Needs to have a model type look or have some swagger. There is one shirtless semi-sensual scene, so must be comfortable with that. Not Racially exclusive.

2 Supporting Roles Male. Age 21-30 Would be members of a band playing in the background. No musical talent required. We are going for a classy look so must be able to provide your own suit. Not Racially exclusive.

The Style of the music video is a classy kinda early 20th century feel. The Day Rate has not been determined to an exact number as of yet but it would be around $100, but we will let you know and discuss it with you if we meet you. The filming days may not be full 12 hour days but we will also solidify that by the time we meet up.

  and if we like your look along with your resume we will contact you to meet in person this Saturday the 24th.

Sala and her band is a new up and coming musical group in the salt lake area. This is an exciting project that will release with one of their new singles.

If you are interested email us at





5-Put  Sala in email header

We will submit thanks