Executive Producers: Derek Marquis / Scott H.Swofford
Producer; Jeff T. Miller
Director: Scott H. Swofford
Casting Director: Jeff Johnson
Start Date: 7/30/2012
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

STORYLINE: Arthur's father, Roy Milligan, is missing. The Air Force deems him a heroic
victim of an experimental space flight, but Arthur is not convinced. Carrying only few
8mm films of dad, and their once shared fascination of outer space, Arthur clings to hope
as he and his mother Beth, a weary VA nurse, try
for a new life in the rural Colorado town of Granite Flats.

All roles are Caucasian unless stated otherwise.

Abby Walker
Wallace's 4 year old sister, this sweet, loving little girl looks up to her big brother as if he
is her whole world ‐‐ and, in fact, he is the most stable element in her chaotic and
unhappyhousehold...RECURRING ROLE

Henry Owns
34, this lame, deranged vet is a permanent resident of the veteran's facility. Traumatized
by the part he played in a deadly "friendly fire" disaster, he screams whenever anyone
touches him...GUEST STAR

Jeff Sanders
Age 14, the "Loki" of the Sanders family, he's a mischievous but harmless boy who is
constantly cracking jokes ‐‐ and constantly getting reprimanded by his prim

John Jr. Sanders
18, Timmy's older brother, this jock is his school's star athlete, who is preoccupied with
his chances of making it to the big state competition...RECURRING ROLE.

Lois Sanders
Age 16, she's Timmy's prissy older sister, who argues heatedly when her mother tells her
to change her too‐short skirt...RECURRING ROLE

Sue Sanders
Age 12, she's another of the Sanders' sprawling brood, a sweet and innocent
daddy'sgirl...RECURRING ROLE

Miss Grabel
56, this middle school teacher sports a no‐frills dress and a hair bun as tight as her
manner. A stickler for authority, she's not above slamming her ruler around to get her
students'attention...RECURRING ROLE

28, this nurse at the veteran's facility shows Beth around on her first day. A bit of a
character,she loves quoting from "War and Peace" at every opportunity...RECURRING

Sgt. Alexander Dobbs
34, this delirious airman is brought in with shrapnel in his arm after the base

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