This is Sae Sae Norris, we're gearing up to shoot part two of our Wheel of Time film at the end of the month, and we've got a speaking role that we need to cast. We are holding auditions tonight 7-9pm 7-12-12 at Broadview University; 240 East Morris Avenue, SLC.

If you want to send anyone else out, we are looking for slender females 20s-30s, dance experience is ideal but not required. The sides are included, page 2-4 for the role of the Aes Sedai.sides below

We are also looking to audition men 30s-60s, with a more grizzled look. We are recasting the Drunk Farmer. Sides will be provided for this role. If you can send anyone that fits that bill tonight, that would be great. No Sides

As a reminder, this is a portfolio piece that we are putting together at the behest of Richard Taylor at WETA in New Zealand (the production company behind LOTR). They saw some of our costume designs and asked us to put together a formal piece for them to view. While this is a non-paid gig, there is immense value to the project. It is a professional team, we all make films for a living. The networking will be great, and the finished product will look good on any reel.
Please let Craze know if you are attending do not attend unless you fit a part. Thanks