Anyone from Craze Agency is eligible Utah Pay $200-$350

 Need to be available The last 2 weeks in Aug (it will be only one of those days)

These are montage scenes each person will be on camera for 13 seconds,(non Speaking)


Project Name: Change The World



  • 1st day of school bus

Mom age 35. Son age young 6.

  • African American choir with leader

Looking for an african american choir, if you are a part of one or know of one please submit for this and we will contact you.

  • Baby in sink/bath

early 30’s Asian couple with 2 months old baby

  • Citizen meeting

Caucasian man & woman age 30-40

  • Clean street

2 African American Girls

  • Fall into arms

Latin Couple 18-20 yrs old

  • Fallen woman

25-35 Asian Woman and caucasian man same age

  • Guitar lesson

18 year old guy and girl – Caucasian or Latin.

  • Hallway Help

Teacher Femal 40 yrs old and a boy and a girl in 1st Grade

  • Help blind man

Caucasian man 40-70. Caucasian or Latin girl 8yrs old.

  • Help older man

Frail Caucasian man (75-85ish) 30 year old caucasian, African American or Hispanic Male man.

  • Jump start car

2 men, 2 women ages 25-45. Cuacasian


  • Leaping

25 year old man proposes to 25 year old woman. Latin or caucasian. Guy must be able to leap high to celebrate.

  • Neighborhood Driveway

18 year old Caucasian couple. Teaching to drive a stick

  • Paint over graffiti

African American dad (40-50yrs old ) African American Girl and Boy (10-12)

  • Push car

4 Mixed kids, 16-20 yrs old any ethicity


  • Put glasses on

60ish year old Asian man & 25 year old caucasian girl.

  • Sawing board

African American grandpa-65-70- and 8 year old grandson

  • Soccer coach & boys

men 30- 40 yrs old, and 6-8 yr old soccer kids any ethnicity

  • Soup Kitchen

African American Man and Woman in their early 30's

  • Teaching Braille

Hispanic woman (looks like a teacher) and a cuacasian Blind Girl

  • Tie shoe

65-75 year old Asian couple

  • Toddler shoes

Young caucasian couple 30ish

  • Tying Quilt

Women, Latin, Asian and Caucasian ages 18-70 yrs old

  • Umbrella

Caucasian couple in 30-40 yrs old

  • Wheelchair T-Ball

coach Male 25-30 yrs old and a Boy or a girl 10-12 yrs old in a Wheelchair


 If you are interested a fit a profile email us at


2-Name of the spots you fit (Each spot In bold letters)

3-Put "Change The World" in email subject header

We will submit you and let you know if you are picked! Thanks