Safeguard for Using Technology

The Publishing Services Department is producing a series of short videos for the Missionary Department to help train missionaries on the appropriate use of technology in the field.  We are casting a few minor speaking roles of people that will interact with some recently returned missionaries in some scripted scenarios.



Susan: Female; 20s-40s; any ethnicity; an investigator who expresses some concern about modern day prophets.

Priesthood Class Instructor: Male; 25-45; any ethnicity; an Elder’s Quorum teacher

Man: Male; 30-45; any ethnicity; reads a scripture in the Elder’s Quorum class

Relief Society President: Female; 35-55; any ethnicity; talks with sister missionaries about a potential investigator.



Auditions:  Friday, January 23rd and/or Tuesday, January 27th

Shoot: Monday, February 2nd through Wednesday, February 4th (if cast, it is anticipated that you would only be needed for 4-6 hours on one of the days)


, Provo.

Shoot: TBD along the Wasatch Front



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