We are currently searching for talent to fill many roles (see below).

PROJECT: “Red Brick Store”

CASTING: Women who can represent the early days of the LDS Church (approx. 1840s). Prefer long hair. Caucasian. This will be a longer term project and may extend for several months of filming different stories. This will be filmed beginning in January of 2015.

Casting needs: (5) women ages 15-18; (5) women ages 20-25; (9) women ages 26-35; (5) women late 30’s, early 40s; (1) woman age 50-55; (1) woman age 60-70; (3) young boys ages 6-12.


Specifics: We need someone to portray Emma Smith (see attached photo for ) at age 38, and someone for Lucy Mack Smith (see attached photo) age 67 who was rather short.




ACTING CALIBRE: High-end talent; some may be extras in one story and featured or leads in another – so all of the talent needs to be highly capable.


LDS: All applicants must be active members of the LDS Church with a current temple recommend, or bishop’s clearance.

RATE: It is a paid project, but we do not have specifics on amounts yet.

SHOOTING DATES: Beginning in January – no specifics yet


Thank you,
If you are interested  and meet criteria email us asap to crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com
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