Casting session day:  Tuesday during day March 18th

Client:  Intermountain Health

Shoot day:  Wednesday April 2

Possible Fittings Day (TBD):  Tuesday April 1 (Afternoon)

Talent rate:  $650

Usage:  1 yr. buyout to cover broadcast and web. (Utah only for Broadcast)

These are all none speaking

Casting Specs
The overall idea with the casting is (probably as usual) genuine personality. We need
some real characters in these spots. This really should trump appearance in many
respects (but not all - see below). The scripts are very short and simple so each kid’s
unique smirk, wince or smile is going to be what makes these enjoyable. Of the seven
different kids we are looking to cast having a least two or three who are of some other
ethnic background besides caucasian would be ideal.

Blender: Teenage girl 14-16 years of age. This girl should have some sass. Actually she
should mostly be mostly made of sass. She should have a cuteness about her but not
necessarily ‘pretty’. Must operate small kitchen appliances.

Dumbbell: Boy about 13 years old. Good looking kid but completely devoid of muscle
mass. When you look at this wispy kid you wonder how he moves around without
muscles. Puberty will show up in a couple of years and make this kid a contender with
the young ladies.

Unicycle: This should be a boy, younger, in the 12 to 13 year old range. Rides a
unicycle - what more needs to be said?

Pull-up: Again another boy in the 13-14 year old range who isn’t a precocious athlete.
Not wiry like our kid in Dumbbell. Perhaps average or slightly heavier body type. He’s
gonna be doing a pull-up. That’s the idea right there: just one pull-up.

Footwork: Teenage girl. Actually teenage skater girl. Anywhere from 13-16 years old.
A decent skateboarder who loves it. We really don’t need to lean into a classic
stereotype here - we don’t need her to beat anyone up. At least that I’m aware of. Body
type isn’t as important as a love of skateboarding. Did I mention skateboarding..?

Ketchup: This again could be either a boy or girl in the 13 to 16 year old range. This
spot will be made totally by a single facial expression. After making a huge chicken
breast sandwich piled high with veggies the camera will follow the sandwich to his or
her face. A face with wide eyes, wider mouth and full of anticipation. A face that is then
eclipsed by a sandwich which won’t fit in any mouth anywhere.

Beauty: A teenage girl 13-15 years old that has a sort of classical beauty. Preferably
with hair that is at least shoulder length.

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