company is looking for 3-5 individuals to work in costume in Salt Lake City on 1/6/14 & 1/7/14. You will be wearing a large beer bottle costume (provided), no one can see you or will know who your are. You will not need to speak while in costume. You must be comfortable wearing a large costume for 5-6 hours. You will receive several breaks every 30-45mins. This is a large event so you will be working on a team with other costumed characters and a main lead to direct you. You will be required to go through a phone or skype training (about 15-30mins) prior to the event so we can ensure you're well prepared.

We are also looking to staff a "Lead" position who will be in charge of the costumes and costumed characters. Previous Brand Ambassador/Event experience required for the lead position.

pay $16-$20 per hour for lead
email us at
4-Relatable exp.
5-Put Costume in email header
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