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New Feature film called Friend Request

Producer Jason Falasco; Mario Deangelis

Character Breakdown


Burk/lead role –  Late 40’s, somewhat fit but has let himself go a little, can still handle himself in a fight, would be good looking if he would clean himself up.  Used to be the poster boy for the department, now has a drinking problem and could care less since he caught his wife cheating on him with someone she met on Facebook. 

 Captain Myers/Supporting role – Early 50’s, all the men in his family have been cops for 4 generations now.  He’s been around the block and isn’t surprised by much.  His face shows what a lifetime of being on the force will do to someone.  Very straight forward.

 Jamie/Supporting role – 14 years old, she’s cute but she’s got her dad’s toughness and smart mouth.  Loves her daddy very much even though she pretty much takes care of him on her weekend visits.  Has never really forgiven her mom for what she did.

 Cameron/Supporting role – Mid 20’s, he’s the “tech guy” at the police station, always wears a beanie, a big computer geek who spends his days off playing video games online at home. 

 Veronica/Supporting role – Early 20’s, party girl, uses her good looks to get the attention she craves, always posting provocative pictures on Facebook to see how many guys she can get to comment on them.  Takes pride in how many guys she can get to buy her a drink at the bar.  Without her looks she’s nothing.

 Jeremy/Supporting role – Mid 20’s, good looking guy and he knows it, hits the gym not to stay in shape but to make sure he has something to flex for the ladies.  Considers himself a “player” on Facebook.  Dresses nice and drives a car a little nicer than he can afford, but needs it to complete his “player” status.

 Frank/Supporting role – Somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s, out of shape, a bit on the heavy side, dresses the way he looks.  Hits on all the 19 year old girls on FB, needless to say he’s a bit of a perv with only one agenda.

 Alicia/Supporting role – Burks ex wife, late 30’s/early 40’s, she’s a cougar.  Good looking and likes to use that to tease the young guys.  Is remarried now but still cheats on her husband through Facebook.

 Mark/Supporting role – Alicia’s new husband, mid 40’s, decent looking guy.  Isn’t rich but is well-off, this is one of the only reasons she stays with him.

 James/Supporting role – Early 30’s, likes to pick up women on FB, doesn’t take ‘no’ very well.  Does well for himself, good looking and well dressed.  A very smooth talker, tells women what they want to hear to get them back to his house.

This is a modified SAG production

Audition date Aug 2 11:25am-12:15pm

Filming will begin Aug 20th and go for 3 weeks.

If you are available and fit a part email us at crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com




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