We are looking for a young child actress between the ages of 5-11 that has brown hair and eyes. 

We are looking to shoot for one day for a total of 5 hours on November 3rd. If the date does not work for the child, we can schedule the shoot around what works for you and the child.

We are offering $100 for the 5 hours.

The music video is about a 22 year old woman who has metaphorically found herself in a different place in her life than she imagined. The music video goes through a brief flashback to her childhood in which we are looking for the young child actress to play the role for. 

The role includes holding a mother character's hand as they walk down a trail together and she explores the area and ultimately opens a door into a new place.

email us at crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com




4-Put T 5-11 in email header

We will submit thanks

Please send your interest and photographs of your child at