Utah-Craze Agency In-House Agency Audition

We want to book you! Please attend!!!!!

We will be holding an In-House Agency acting and or Modeling Audition for any Talent with the Craze Agency who would like us to see the progress you are making and your look as a reference for future projects.

We are doing this to help refresh us on your look and your acting or modeling skills. We want to give everyone represented by Craze a fair chance when an Audition comes that you fit the profile for.

Remember, we want to send you out as often as possible, but cannot send you if you are not ready (auditions are not the place to learn).  We are excited at the many upcoming projects and hope to see you at this Audition.

Audition Date: Monday December 8th-   Time3:00pm-4:30pm

Location: Craze Agency Sandy  By Appointment only!

I have an extremely busy schedule so please try and attend.

If you are interested you must email us back at crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com




3-Acting, modeling or both

4-Put Agency Audition in email header

We will email you back a time and we will email you your sides or what to bring 2-4 days in advance.

Do not call!

Spots will fill quickly so respond ASAP!

As always please bring you headshot and resume stapled back to back. We cannot search for it at the audition. (NO EXCUSES)  If you have a portfolio please bring it.  

This is your career take advantage of this audition. We are dedicated to help our serious talent.

Troy Lee


Craze Agency