The shoot days are not confirmed...

The client is asking for a 2 year total buy out for speaking talent

The rate for the SPEAKING roles is $1500

 I need submissions by Monday 7-23--12 at 11am!

Thanks so much..

Spot # 1
The speaking roles for "Within Reach"

Loan Originator 25-38 years old - Male - Prefer Ethnic - approachable, friendly, attractive but not modely

Husband - 25 - 35 Caucasian - good looking, kind of an urban vibe - we know he and his wife can afford a new home.
Wife - 25 - 35 Caucasian -

**This couple is well dressed, educated and out shopping for their first home.

Spot # 2
Speaking roles for "ZEN"

Loan Originator - Male - Same as above, approachable, friendly, educated 25-38 - CAUCASIAN

Office Worker # 1 - Male or Female 25- 35 years old Ethnic - sharp, well dressed, friendly.

If you are available and fit the description email me back at
4-Put Bank in email header

We will submit you and let you know if they would like to see you! Thanks