Friday, Feb. 8th

Where: Provo, UT

When: 4-9pm

Climbing Audition: (This is only for Rick and Porter) Saturday Feb. 9th


  •   Rick- Male, early 20s, hesitant, frequently second guesses himself, has lived in Rick’s shadow, loves his brother.

  •   Porter- Male, late 20s, very proficient climber, athletic, talented, loves his brother. 

NOTE: Actors auditioning for Rick & Porter Must climb at least a 10A or a V3

  •   Glen- Male or Female, 40s-60s, outdoorsy, wants to help out
 Rates: $150 day rate for Rick & Porter

Shooting Dates: March 29-30, April 24-27

 If you are interested and available, email us at
1- Name
2- Age
3- Resume 
4- Put "Rope" in the email header

We will submit you and let you know.