Casting "On The Horizon," a feature-length film. Synopsis: After a road trip goes wrong, two lovers live life in opposite extremes, leading them into separate lives of flight and fancy that hinge on that one moment in time.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots in the fall in UT, TX, and France.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $100/day, plus transportation and meals provided. . SAG Low Budget Agreement.

Seeking Talent Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.

    Elissa (Lead): Female, 28-36, Caucasian an exceptional beauty with a personality just as striking, selfish and self-centered in a subtle and manipulative way, t
Casey (Lead): Male, 28-35, Caucasian tall, toned body, think Jared Leto, amazingly good-looking, a charmer with natural charisma, a photographer who has fallen deeply in love
Amy (Supporting): Female, 25-35, Caucasian, African American, African Descent Casey’s ex-girlfriend, likeable, charming, very down to earth, might look innocent but there’s an edge to her, the love of Amy's life.
 Kate (Supporting): Female, 35-45, Caucasian confident, edgy & completely selfish/self involved, lives by her own rules and is completely unapologetic about it.
Aaron (Supporting): Male, 30-40, Caucasian a gentleman, classy and well spoken, seems more mature than Casey, charming but in essence, isn't very confident
Krissy (Supporting): Female, 25-35, Caucasian meets Casey in a club and instantly is charmed by him, however she has been burned in love and is protective of her heart and is skeptical
 Mike (Supporting): Male, 30-45, Caucasian, African American, African Descent  a mechanic in a vintage classic car shop, adores classic cars and knows everything about them

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