Shoot Dates: late July early Aug
Rates: Non Union, Lifetime buyout, all formats
$500 for principals, $400 for the rest
Casting Location:SLC, UT
Casting Dates: July 27th
Our main goal is to come up with a diverse cast of capable actors that can come across as real and genuine
in their professional interactions. All character descriptions are meant as a blue print of the diversity we
want to achieve. We are not afraid to mix and match the descriptions listed in order to achieve our best
possible cast.

Tony Lorentz 30s Latino Male, Tony has worked with the company for six years. He’s been a team lead for the past
three years. He has a great working relationship with his boss Nina Chan, who is over the marketing
division. Tony is just one of those energetic kinds of guys and he likes to interact with others. He’s a
natural leader. He enjoys the challenge of bringing a group of different personalities together to
accomplish a project. He’s still learning the project management process, but he’s a quick study and isn’t
afraid to talk about it, even admit his mistakes and move on.

Nina Chan 40s Asian Female,Nina was part of the Sales division when it was split to create the marketing
department, at which point she became the head of marketing. She is very good at her job, but the
economy has been rough on her bottom line and she fears the company is looking for ways to consolidate
and downsize. She is hoping the annual customer appreciation event can revitalize things for her and her

Milo Alvero 50s Afro‐American Male, Milo is over sales with the company. He is a good guy, but doesn’t always act like a team player. He can let things get under his skin and isn’t always willing to come out and say what’s
bothering him. He wants the customer appreciation event to succeed, but doesn’t really fear losing his job.
He’s been with the company too long and believes he has the connections in the organization to remain

Onya Grey 50s European Female,(Olive Skin, Can have a accent doesnt have to have one.) Onya has been with the
company for a long time. She is a no nonsense kind of person. She cares more about the company
surviving than saving anyone’s position, after all without the company there are no positions to be had.
She has lost faith in the effectiveness of the customer appreciation event and will use this year’s sub‐par
outcome to defend her proposal to discontinue it. She thinks it’s time to move toward more practical ways
to increase the bottom line – consolidation and downsizing.

Erika Barlow 20s Caucasian Female, Erika is new with the company. She’s energetic and happy to be involved. She’s hoping to one day be where Nina is, although she has a lot yet to learn.

Tracy Long 30s Pacific Isles Female, Tracy is one of those put your head down and work kinds of people. She doesn’t
really see herself moving up in the company and is fairly content to stay where she is. She likes job security
and her weekends.

Kels Garner 40s European (Olive Skin, Can have a accent doesn't have to have one.) Male, Kels has been with the
company for a long time. He has been passed up for many promotions, not because he didn’t deserve to
move up, but because he was good at what he did and didn’t ever play the political game. He’s older, but is
still trying to be in the social scene.

Tim Litzki 30s Caucasian Male, Tim is fairly new. He went back to school in business marketing and was hired coming out of the program. He’s bright, but still learning the ropes and the lay of the land.

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