This is all Craze know let us know if they are interested thanks!

Umbra Films is seeking an actress between 20-30 years of age to play roles in various short scenarios. We’ve shot some short films and other work in the past and are now beginning to ramp up our production and skill sets. We would be shooting two to three times a month in different short scenario setups that help us work on test shots for future films, i.e. practicing vertigo shots, running cranes, steady cams, different lighting setups, etc. Shoots will be posted to youtube and vimeo with walkthroughs of how we got the shots, what equipment was used, etc.

All shoots will have a loose story and will require various levels of acting. This is a great opportunity for someone to start building a reel and honing their craft. Work will be trade for copy on all shoots, and we will make sure our cast and crew are fed well and happy.

If you would like to work with some fun people, build your skills and reel, and get first shot at casting for our shorts next year(which WILL be paid) please send a headshot and your information to We are looking for fun people that have time to go shoot with us and are serious about building their career as an actress.