December 11-13
10 AM – 9 PM
SouthTown Expo Center
9575 S State St, Sandy, UT 84070

melissa robison

I am looking for a few things:

1.      Actors to walk around as characters from any of Charles Dicken’s books to wander and semi-interact with guests reinforcing the overall atmosphere. Characters would give directions, chat (but not interfere with guests shopping or watching shows). You can find a great list here:

2.      Small acts (a cappella singing (quartets, soloists, etc.), instruments, short scenes, story tellers, puppet shows, balloon artists, face painting, juggling) and skills of any kind to showcase on a small stage.

3.      Our Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. We have three larger than life ghosts that wander throughout the festival. We need three strapping men (or women) and guides to help them walk, as there is limited visibility in their costumes, for photo opportunities with patrons.

For small acts, slots are organized in 15-30 minute increments, and you are certainly welcome to sign up for as many as you’d like, based on space available. Street characters are welcome to come and wander as long as they’d like.

The time period to keep in mind for your acts and characters is 19th Century London. It is also around the December holidays, so as many music/scenes that can be pulled from that time period/holiday are highly encouraged.

We have a costumer that can assist with costumes as needed, but whatever you can pull yourselves the more comfortable you may be.

Each performer will sign a form allowing us to use any photos we take of you as a character on the Dickens Festival website/marketing.

Each performer will receive a wristband that will allow them free entrance tickets to enter The Dickens Festival at any time even if they come back another day.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to get you in our schedule for this great event!