We are producing a couple of PSAs in conjunction with the Faith Counts Alliance.  These are interdenominational messages whose goal is to express why faith is important to society.

At this time, we will be producing two ads: one about two pan handlers and one about cyber bullying.


Stereotypical Homeless Man – male; Caucasian; age 40-60; very scruffy, long hair and beard, worn and haggard-looking

White Collar Panhandler – male; Caucasian; age 30s; clean cut business man; he has only recently fallen on hard times

Cyber Bully Victim – male or female; any ethnicity; age 18-22; we may cast more than one and are looking for a variety of types.  We will see both the “typical” nerdy type victim and the once popular, but has fallen out of grace with the mean girls or guys type.

Cyber Bully – male or female; any ethnicity; age 18-22; again, we’ll look at a variety of types for this role and may have those coming in for the Victim read for the Bully and vice versa


Auditions: Friday March 28th, 9:00am-4:00 pm

Shoot: Each role will be needed for one day during the week of April 7-12


Auditions: Provo, UT

Shoot: TBD along the Wasatch Front


Homeless Man and White Collar Panhandler - $550 

Cyber Bullies and Victims - $400 

All roles are non-speaking and rates are for a complete buy out.

Applicants DO NOT need to be LDS for this project

If you are interested in the audition, please email crazesubmissionsonly@gmail.com

1- Name
2- Age 
3- Role (from above)

4- Put Faith PSA
 in email header/subject box


*If you do not include all of the requested info, your submission will be rejected*

We will submit you and let you know.