L.A.-based filmmaker seeking 6 actors for a comedic short film that will be shot in Ogden, Utah on April 5 & 6, or possibly April 19 & 20.


Synopsis: The film is a comedy about two characters in a cruddy slasher film who decide to rebel against the filmmakers because they can't stand the thought of being in another uninspired Hollywood horror movie.  The film satirizes the recycled nature of the horror genre, as well as the industry's addiction to remakes, reboots, and adaptations of old TV shows, board games, theme park rides, comic books and toy brands.


Purpose: The short will be in the style of a movie trailer and it will be used as a visual aide to help shop a feature film script around to different producers, production companies and investors in Los Angeles. 


Characters that need to be cast:

Victim One, mid-20s - early 30s: He is the catalyst for all the craziness that transpires in the film.  He is the Abbott to Victim Two's Costello.  Taller/leaner build.   Brown hair.

Victim Two, mid-20s - early 30s: He is recruited by Victim One to help rebel against the filmmakers.  He is the Costello to Victim One's Abbott.  Shorter/stockier build.  Brown hair.

Jackie, early 20s - early 30s: Lea Thompson-esque girl-next-door.  Brunette.  The "Scream Queen" character.  

Jill, early 20s - early 30s: Bubbly, cheerleader-type.  Girl-next-door.  Blonde. 

Todd, early 20s - early 30s: Jackie's boyfriend.  Student Body President-type.  Sandy brown hair.  Not a jock.

Scott, early 20s - early 30s: Jill's boyfriend.  Wants desperately to be like Todd, but falls a little bit short.  Brown hair. 


Victim One and Victim Two will be needed for both shoot days.   Rate: $250.00

Jackie, Jill, Todd and Scott will shoot on April 5th.   Rate: $200.00


NOTE: There is a brief kissing scene between Jackie and Todd.  If you are uncomfortable with onscreen kissing, please do not apply for this role

If you are interested and available email us at crazesubmissionsolny@gmail.com




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