Here is a breakdown for new KSL ads for the 5 spots that we are doing!

Scoop - Lead male in all 5 spots. 20-35

The rest are only in 1 spot each:

Vinne - New York / out of state grease ball, Male 25-45
Jim - Male 25-35
Travis - Male 25-35
Mom - Female 40-55
Daughter - Female 16-25
Boyfriend - Male 20-25
Girlfriend - Female 20-25
Jack - Male 35-45
Daniel - Male 35-45
Dog app user - Male 25-45
KSL app user - Female 25-45

Scoop is $500 a day for 2 full days of work.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are $400 a day for one full day of work.

All the rest are $200, and will each be a half day or less.
Audition this Thursday Aug 2nd. from 1-2pm in SLC
If you are available and fit email us asap to

2-Part (Just submit for One part)
3-Put "KSL" in email header

We will submit you and let you know thanks!