Commissions due as always let Craze know if booked!

Looking for film extras for saturday, oct 25th. 7 am to 4pm (may end sooner). This is for a WWII film entitled "WAR PIGS" starring micky Rourke and Dolf Lundgren. Shooting location is up American Fork Canyon at the timpinookie camp ground. You will be paid if you are a reeenactor with your own wardrobe. If not we can outfit you but no compensation will be offered.

We need 30 male background extras to be US Soldiers. Must be in good fit-physical condition, be clean shaven with hair that does not cover your ears. If you wiast size is between 29-36 in and your chest is a size 39- 44 we can fit you. The scene you will be in will be with Dolf lundgrun. If you email me at

a photo. I will send more information to you directly.