Red Coral Films, LLC

Casting Call for Red Coral Films, LLC.

Productions: Point-B (Feature); Mundane Margery (Short)

Time: July 6th and 7th from 11:00AM-6:00PM


Point-B is a highly stylized sci-fi dramedy. The crux of the comedy is the bickering that happens between the four main characters. It is at its heart a buddy film and the relationships between the actors and characters needs to be strong and genuine. Part of the job of playing Mark, Alan, Jason or Andrew will involve fairly frequent outings during pre-production to bars and movies and whatnot in order to build stronger personal relationships. 

Point-B is full of curse words.

Shooting Dates for Point-B are August 27th-September 11th of this year.

As of now, the pay for Mark, Alan, Jason, Andrew and Katie are estimated  $100/day. The other characters are TBD.

Male characters:

Mark - Early-mid 20's white male. Mark is a neurotic mechanical engineer, awkward with the ladies but not just your stereotypical nerdy guy. Average build.

Alan - Early-mid 20's white male. Alan is quick with a penis joke, well groomed and leaning towards heavy.

Jason - Early-mid 20's male. Any ethnicity. Jason is the type of stoner that has a much higher GPA than you.

Andrew - Early 20's male. Any ethnicity. Andrew is a follower who is definitely the punching bag of the group. He is meek and mouse-like.

Chad - Early-mid 20's male. Any ethnicity. Chad is a betrayer motivated by money and power.

Robinson - 30's white male. Every aspect of his appearance - hair, clothing, and dental work - suggests that of a consummate professional. He's all charisma and all evil.

Lynch - Late 50's white male. Professorial type. Equal parts iron-fist and silken glove.

Boring Professor - 50's white male. Droning voice and a clear disinterest in anything resembling fashionable.  He is a true Ben Stein type character.

Goons - The type of guys with big necks that you don't wouldn't want run into at the airport.


Female: character:

Katie - Early-mid 20's white female. Katie is an assertive young woman who is attractive in a nerdy sort of way. She is the type of girl who plays as hard as she studies. Katie and Mark develop a romantic relationship throughout the film. 


Mundane Margery:

Mundane Margery is a horror/modern day fantasy. It has a unique style and focuses strongly on Margery's character. The story has quite a fun twist that will make production very interesting and the film will be playing at the, 'An October Evening' ( Halloween themed festival at the Masonic Temple in October.

The shooting dates for Mundane Margery are July 15th-July 18th.

Pay for Margery is an estimated $100/day.

Margery does not have any sides, so please bring something to prepare.


Margery - 50's white female with shorter graying hair and thick glasses. She is heavy and has a sad smile that she dishes out often. Must be able to pull off a subtle crazy look.

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