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I have had a lot of requests for the Workshop and my schedule has finally eased up a bit to the point where I can again jump into the arena of working with actors, something I love to do.   

Please have your actors sign up as soon as possible.  Space is extremely limited.  I’m only accepting twelve actors and several of the spots are already spoken for. 

I am changing the format of the Workshop somewhat. 

I realized that a lot of the actors who come through the Workshop are really wonderful actors, but they don't have a reel.  So, each actor who goes through the system will leave with a DVD of them doing their best work.  It will be professionally recorded and edited and will be suitable to hand to an agent, put on YouTube, Facebook, website, etc.      

Another difference.  A lot of the actors in the Workshop either don't have a head shot or, if they do, it's not very good or not current.  So, every actor who works with me will leave with a disc of about 30 – 40  high-resolution head shots, taken by a professional photographer.   The actor will own the CD and the headshots on it.  No extra fees.  I’ll be there to them get the look that best represents them.  I will also give them tips on how/where to get their headshots reproduced in the most economical way. 

It's all part of the new Actors Workshop.  They improve their craft.  They leave with a DVD.  And a disc with a lot of headshots with no additional photographer’s fees.     

Another adjustment is that we'll be meeting two times a week for three weeks instead of once a week for six weeks.   Each session will last 3 1/2 hours instead of 3.  Just trying to create the best Workshop I can.  I think they’ll enjoy it. 

In the past I’ve charged $295 for the six sessions of 3 hours each.  The new price is $445 ($395 for those who have taken the Workshop previously).  In addition to more hours in the Workshop they get the DVD and the headshots. 

I hope you feel like that is good value for the dollar.  I look forward to working with your actors.  If you would be so kind, I would appreciate it if you would please forward this email to your actors.