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Posted by Craze Agency on Thursday, October 6, 2011,
BIG Casting for a  HGTV (TV and Web Series)!

Pay is $500
    Looking for real family's first, send me family's you piece together after.The audition will have no lines, but     will be turning on the faucet, etc (actions). 
 Dad- Male 20's to early 30s Attractive any Ethnicity(Must match ethnicity to family)

Mom- Female 20s to early 30s Attractive any Ethnicity(Must match ethnicity to family)

Son or Daughter- Male or Female Ages 4-5 any Ethnicity(Must match ethnicity to family)

if you are...
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25-50 YEARS TV SERIES all craze markets

Posted by Craze Agency on Tuesday, October 4, 2011,
Casting Siblings:
Men & Women / All Ethnicities / 25 - 50 years
Seeking SIBLINGS who have their difference and haven't seen each other for an extended period of time. This is a unique TV series about broken bonds between brother/sister, brother/brother, sister/sister. This new thought-provoking docu-series will examine siblings who grew up in the same household, but who now live dissimilar lives. Ideal candidates would be any combination of siblings who are perplexed, annoyed, sad, guil...

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(Boise) Family comedy TV show!!! auditions!

Posted by Craze Agency on Monday, October 3, 2011,
Pilot for a Family Comedy Television Show
Setting:  Modern Suburb
Plot Summary: Members of a highly dysfunctional family try to cope with one another.  The father, Ben, is an average American dad and sarcastic dentist.  His wife, Susan, is a tour guide who is very controlling, and can usually manipulate Ben to do whatever she wants.  They have three children, Michael who's twelve, Jenny who's fifteen, and Nick who is twenty-two.

Characters : 
Ben (Lead):  40-50 year old male.  F...

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