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Posted by Craze Agency on Friday, January 20, 2012,

Is your daughter just oozing talent? Looking for moms with daughters aged 6-18 who seriously compete in a sport or activity. Are you completely devoted to this activity? Is it a big part of your relationship as mother and daughter? What kind of sacrifices have you and/or your daughter made to achieve success in this area? Send an email to and and tell us your story. Be sure to attach a picture of the whole bunch!

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(Boise) Auditions!

Posted by Craze Agency on Friday, September 30, 2011,




A new play written by Kelly Broich

A Collapse Theater Production

Directed By Twyla King

At the Visual Arts Collective

 September 29th 6-10

October 1st 12-4

 E-mail to schedule an audition or for further information. PDF copies of the script available upon request.

Roles are available for three men and two women. Ages range from 20s–60s.

Actors will be compensated with a stipend and percentage of ticket sales.

Performance dates: Nov ...

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DO NOT SUBMIT A PHOTO UNLESS REQUESTED!!! This area is for Craze Agency signed talent only! If you are not represented by Craze call us at 801-438-0067, 702-530-9176 or 208-433-9511 Thanks! Disclaimer! Though Craze Agency does everything in it's power to screen clients and castings it is impossible to oversee every action. If there is ever anything you do not feel comfortable with please do not participate and let us know. Craze Agency is not legally responsible for clients actions posted on our site. If a client contacts you directly please let us know.




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