Romeo and Juliet in St. George

We want you! The Space Between (TSB) Theatre Company is taking auditions for Romeo and Juliet today,  December 8th and tomorrow, December 9th, from 5:00-9:00pm at the DiFiore Center (307 N Main Street) in St. George, UT. Sing up for your audition slot now by emailing:

We're a theater company and we're doing a show.  We want people - but not just any people. We want people who are passionate about theater - who are interested in being a part of a family - who are interested in building something.  We want the right people who love theatre.  If you're in it for the money, don't come to us.  If you're in it to be a star, don't come to us. If, however, you have a true love for theater, then come be a part of what we're doing.
It's often said, "Romeo and Juliet is old.  It's been done into the ground. It's an old, cold, dead thing.  Shakespeare is dead.  He's old, cold and dead. You can say the same for theater. It's old and cold and dead (How many movies did you watch in the past month?  Now - how many theater productions did you go watch in the past month?)." We are going to disprove that idea for the lie that it is.
Theater has survived for thousands of years because it's ALIVE. Romeo and Juliet has survived for hundreds of years because it's ALIVE. We want to take that idea and run with it. This is Shakespeare. This is Romeo and Juliet - but it's alive, it's breathing, it's kicking. It's here. It's now. TSB has the soul intact - and we want you to make it happen.
So come be a part of it.
This isn't a normal production.  We've cut and re-arranged the text of the show to get to the heart of the matter (Shakespeare was writing for HIS day, we are writing for ours), and we're modernizing dress and we're making the production site-specific.
We're The Space Between Theatre Company.  We're interested in pushing people towards a better understanding of themselves.  We're interested in improving the community that we're a part of.  We're interested in doing things that people think they know and understand and showing them that we can still always learn and improve and be awed with a sense of wonder. 
If you want this, we want you.