Short Film. Short Shoot. Short Notice.

Casting for a short film to shoot this Saturday in Ogden. One day shoot. Film is a comedy about a pathological liar that mistakenly goes to a group therapy session for the extremely gullible. All content is worthy of a PG rating.

Directed by Jim Henderson. Produced by Scott Halford. Script by Craig Nybo.

Jack - Male, 30's or 40's. Charming guy who could sell ice to eskimos.
Audrey - Female, 20ish. Slight, sickly girl who loves loves loves everything about everyone and everything. It's all just so wonderful
Barry - Male, 30's to 50's. Cuddly teddy bear of a guy. Lovable father figure.
Cheryl - Female 40's or 50's. Scholarly bookish woman.
Deacon - Male, 30's. Hipster who knows everything.

Copy and credit and a chance to work with some creative people with high production standards. Finished film will be about 10 minutes and will be submitted to festivals.

Please submit to Jim Henderson ( ) or Scott
Halford ( ) with headshot, resume, and if you have a link to a reel, include it. If you include a link to an entire film, include a comment about what timestamp to look for you "I come in at 6:34" or "Watch my scene at 1:14:38"
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