Small project but can lead to future work, better pay.

Man or woman voice, no accent - 30's- 50's

To read for possible TV series ("Saved By Grace")
Client would like interested talent to read/record a portion of the script as an audio file (MP3) to review. Craze Agency will send to the client for consideration.
They will make a decision by Tuesday next week. And record it on Thursday in Orem, Utah.
It's a short read only 30-45 min. of total recording time.
Pay is $50. It is a small budget project.
If you are interested in recording an audition sample, email or
We will send you the portion of the script for you to record an MP3 file that we can send to the client for consideration.
We need your submission by Friday, July 8 at 5:00pm
Craze Agency