We are working with a local Production company that is producing a Web video for a national Electronic Cigarette company.
The video will be used to promote a smarter, better, and healthier alternative to smoking.
The client would like to book 1 Male and 1 Female ages 30-40 for some b-roll footage. These are non-speaking roles. MUST BE ok with smoking a regular cigarette and the electronic cigarette
Should be a pretty easy 1 hour shoot in Salt Lake City and you will be paid $60 for you time.
They can be open to your schedule but need to shoot before Tuesday, May 4.
If you are interested, email crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com your:
We will submit your info. to the client for consideration. If they are interested in using you, we will contact you with additional details.
We need your submission ASAP!!
Craze Agency