We have a client that is looking to book Models for a Stock Shoot.
They would like to book one Male one Female. Both need to middle aged really fit and agile.
They are going to do business concepts, work out running concepts and some high fashion concepts.
They are looking to shoot 1 half day sometime between Tuesday, August 9- Friday, August 12. Client is open to working around Models schedule.
Pay will be $40/hr
If you are interested, email crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com with your:
    Dates you are flexible to work on (Tuesday, August 9- Friday, August 12)
We will submit your info. to the client for consideration. If selected, we will contact you with additional info. and to schedule a shoot.
We need your submission by Monday, August 1 at 12:00pm
Craze Agency