Local Production Studio is holding an audition on Monday, July 11 for a really fun project, here are the details:

Product: Gung-Ho Energy Gel
Media: ~30 sec Web Video
Rate: $275
Audition Time/Place: 2:00pm- 6:00pm in downtown Salt Lake City

Video Synopsis: A student trying to study is distracted/annoyed by a schmoozy guitar player serenading 3 girls. The student takes a gung-ho. A ninja appears and blows the distraction away with a gnarly, 4 armed, double-necked guitar anthem. (No dialogue, Talent must come prepared to sing a love ballad).

Casting for:
The schmoozy guitar player.
Description: Male, 18-25 (College student), athletic, very handsome (almost too handsome, 
in a schmoozy, bully-ish kind of way). Strong guitar and vocal skills are a huge, huge plus.
Shoot date is scheduled for July 20
If you are intersted and fit the above role, email crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com with your:
We will submit your info. to Casting for consideration. If selected, we will EMAIL YOU additional info. for your audition.
We need your submission by Monday, July 11 at 11:00am
Craze Agency