UVU cinematography club is shooting a spec PSA for seat belt safety. We need an actress to play the mother. Between 37-45 years of age.

The shoot will be in Payson, UT on Saturday July 23rd between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. there is no dialogue all action. 

The set up is a young couple getting ready for prom is having their photograph taken by the girl's parents. When the mother takes the picture the flash dissipates onto the scene of a car accident. The tag line is "life can be over in a flash, please wear your seat belt."

This will all be shot at 48 Frames per second (slow motion) to soft piano music. 

Since this is a student project we are not able to compensate, but can reimburse for gasoline and provide crafty and lunch.

if Interested please send headshot and resume to 


with the subject "Prom Crash" before Thursday at Midnight.


Craze Agency