Disciples and Townsmen. Middle Eastern, Semitic or Mediterranean looking men, 30 years or older with beards (longer is better) with a slender to average build.

Infirm/Lepers. Middle Eastern, Semitic or mediterranean looking men and women with frail to slender builds. Faces and bodies with lots of character such as missing teeth, weathered and wrinkled skin, missing teeth, missing limbs etc are preferred.

- Logan - July 26th: 4-9pm
- Bountiful - July 27th: 4-9pm
- Provo - July 28th: 12-6pm
- St George - July 31st: 4-9pm
- Las Vegas - Aug 1st: 4-9pm

To attend a screening, you MUST register at:
As always let Craze know if you are booked . commissions due thanks!