Prominent Broadway Producer seeking actors for web series shoot (Pahrump)

Broadway producer Ken Davenport is directing a web series shooting in Pahrump, NV from November 18-23.
compensation: TBD
We are seeking the following to come in as a day player on any of the previously mentioned dates (or dates leading up to the 18th if availability is limited otherwise):
-Age 50 or older men. Any ethnicity/ physical type welcome.
-5 to 8-year-old boy. African American.
-Age 21 or older male. African American. Looking for muscular, tough, or just very tall and large types. Will be serving as body guards/ bouncers
-Any gender/ethnicity/physical type - parts will be assigned after initial contact is made

If you are interested email us at
4-Put T Pahrump in email header

We will submit thanks