Film: Student Films
'Drawn Out'

Farrin James Casting
Farrin James, line prod.

Production Description

Casting "Drawn Out," about a young man named Chris, who is stuck in a dead end job with people who are unaware of his existence. One day, Chris finds a special pen that brings to life anything he draws. Chris uses the pen to draw up the perfect life. When his actions have unforeseen consequences, Chris will have to decide if his new life is worth keeping.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses in March; shoots in mid-April in Las Vegas, NV.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

No pay, but copy, credit, and meals provided.

Seeking Talent Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.

    Chris (Lead): Male, 20-30, All Ethnicities
                       a quiet guy who is talented but unappreciated. He’s worked at the same place for years, and still no one knows his name.
    Katie (Supporting): Female, 20-30, All Ethnicities
                                the hot girl at the office. She works as the receptionist and always finds time to flirt with the men of the office…with the exception of Ch... more
     Peter (Supporting): Male, 20-30, All Ethnicities
                                 the “hot shot” of the office. He’s got great hair and great style. He looks for praise in everything he does and hardly gives it in return.
      Mr Barrus (Supporting): Male, 30-60, All Ethnicities
      the owner of Barrus Industries. His boisterous behavior and egotistical attitude can be overwhelming for some in the office.

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