Casting "The Glass House," a trailer for the film adaptation of the suspense novel by Neils Williams. Synopsis: With a newlywed wife and a successful architect career, things are looking up for Todd Clemons. But when eccentric millionaire Thomas Glass comes to the town of Brookside Village, Texas, Todd's world is turned upside down and he discovers his business is more in demand than he bargained. Dangerously in demand. Forced to work for Mr. Glass against his will, Todd must complete the task at hand, and save himself and his new family or else this may be the last project of his life.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsal and production dates TBD in Location: Texas (alternative locations may include Las Vegas, NV, Big Bear, CA, and Cedar City, UT.)

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Producer plans to apply for a SAG-AFTRA agreement.

Seeking Talent Select a role below for more information and submission instructions.

    Jeremy (Supporting): Male, 35-40, African American

    An African American Male Build (toned) Height 6'2-6'4 Jeremy a husband and father of three has always been strong in the eyes of his wife ... more
    Darryl (Supporting): Male, 30-35, African American

    African American Male Build (optional) Height 5'9" 6'2" age 30-35 Darryl is an architect. His biggest competition is his co-worker Todd. ... more
    All Extras and Background (Background / Extra): Males & Females, 18-45, All Ethnicities

    Does not need to show up for auditions we will be reviewing submissions of headshots and video reels alone. Extra roles may include but not ... more
    Stephen (Supporting): Males & Females, 40-45, African American

    African American Male age 38-45 Build (optional) Height (6'0-6'3) Stephen is the manager of the large architect firm where Todd works. S... more
    Janet (Supporting): Female, 30-35, Caucasian

    Janet likes to play on the wild side. She's very impulsive and can always go with the flow. She knows what she wants and will go after it an... more
    Quinn (Supporting): Female, 30-35, African American

    Quinn is Janet's best friend. They're thick as theives and are always joined at the hip. Quinn enjoys a thrill and will do what ever it tak... more
    AJ (Supporting): Male, 32-35, African American

    AJ loves to party. At least he does when he knows he has his wingman Anthony by his side. Alone he can be socially akward and any woman appr... more


November 14th in Las Vegas, NV.

Audition & Submission Instructions

 Producer states: "While we appreciate many types of talent we are only seeking actors and actresses. No musicians, jugglers, magicians, dancers, etc."Must be able speak with a western (Texas) dialect.
 if available email us at
4-Reel if you have one
5-Put T Glass in email header

We will submit thanks!