short film "Us" - by A.R. Kagan - student film
(no pay, credit though)

Auditions will be held Nov. 13th - Thursday Morning 10 AM - 3 PM
(times will vary)
@ Nevada State College, Dawson Building - at the first round tables

Female (25-35) emotionally fragile with a hint of feisty spirit
Male (25-40) emotionally intense, handsome and sharp with words, cutting

About: One location, a wasteland, a tent, tattered clothes, hopeless dreams of survival, apocalyptic mortal coil, past feelings, a release of everything that used to be... In one moment; reckless abandon.

CONTACT: Please email aprilrayne9@gmail.com,


Note: Future roles for other student films available and this audition can be considered for a future role if you are interested.